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Phew, busy busy busy week. It's been camera making, claymation… - meretricious [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 18th, 2012|01:05 am]
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Phew, busy busy busy week. It's been camera making, claymation filming, baby birthing goodness and madness from early morn to late night every day. I haven't been spawning babies, to be precise and clear, but one of my oldest and bestest friends had a baby girl on the 14th, and I recon this is as grown up as I'll ever get to feel. I'm a sort of aunt-y person!

On a much more important note (totally straight face) I have started watching Supernatural (yes Niki, I'm hooked like a hooked person) and busy week has kept me from watching any, and today I've finally been left alone by real life long enough to watch the last eps of season one. And now I have to wait until I get my hands on season 2. Massively evil season finale, they're downright bastarly persons. Nerdy made-up life isn't easy either.

And in school we have, amongst other things, been making pinhole cameras, oooh, it's insane amounts of geeky fun! This is one of the first pictures I took with my new shiny camera:


[User Picture]From: scuffedtophat
2012-03-18 12:19 am (UTC)
:insert evil laugh: yes!! Spreading the Supernatural disease! My friend warned me that season one had a wicked cliffhanger, so I made sure that I had season two downloaded before I finished season 1 and yes! Isn't it just evil? I can't imagine watching it in real release, having to wait for the new season to come out. Who do you like the most so far? I got a lot of love for Dean. I can't remember If Bobby is in season 1, but Bobby is pretty awesome.
And congrats to your friend!
And yay for the camera things. That's seriously so cool.
On my way to visit Jamie. I'll load up some adventure photos soon.
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[User Picture]From: loftec
2012-03-18 12:35 am (UTC)
I KNOW! I knew I'd love it, and I also knew that it's 7 seasons so far I have to catch up with and life is mean and keeps me from just watching the whole lot in a week. I should have known, I should have been better prepared, I thought my computer was downloading, but it was in fact taking a nap and not doing much good at all... and now I have to wait... 3 h 55 min. I should probably go to bed instead.
No Bobby yet! Dean, absolutely, but mostly just Sam and Dean together being all... them. I have a feeling that will change now, with new characters and things, though. That was one of the first things ever heard of this show, years ago: "it's really nice and about two brothers fighting demons the first season, and then it goes bananas." But I'm not very worried, I saw a late season episode on telly a few months ago, and it was awesome too. This here insanity will continnue until I get to see more! Load faster!
Yay Fukuoka trip! Poke Jamie and say some nice things from me, and do post pictures
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[User Picture]From: scuffedtophat
2012-03-18 01:19 am (UTC)
Aw. Bobby is the coolness. And I totally get it. Season 1 is def the brother dynamic. All my friends seem to like Sam less as the seasons go on, but I'm on Season 4 and I'm still okay with Sam. Like Dean more, but I still like Sam too. And bananas... A little. It gets very apocalypse-y. But I am totally cool with that - what I've seen so far anyway. I can't wait for you to meet the Trickster. I like him. He's probably my fav thing they go up against. That or the old school monster movie tribute shapeshifter. But I won't say any more!
Ugh... I wish we could watch together! There must be visits again. And matcha choco muffins!
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[User Picture]From: loftec
2012-03-18 01:55 am (UTC)
Yes yes and yes! We'll watch season 8 together or something, when you totally come visit me :)
Also, pretty much all of season one's eps have freaked me out, (except the one with the car, it was too much like futurama's warecar episode to be scary) I very rarely get nervous or jumpy when I watch scary films or tv... but the bug episode even got me imagining feeling things crawl across my feet. Silly and awesome!
Dean is by far the most interesting character, I think, because he's so gruff and no-nonsense and no touchy-feely crap and then when he has to express himself he shows himself so vulnerable and insecure in a way.. also, he has very pretty hands :D
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